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Shovell & Afra Gypsy – The Pulse Of Life

We’re back with our latest release from veteran percussionist and vocalist Shovell, debuting his latest project Shovell & Afra Gypsy with a two-track EP entitled ‘The Pulse Of Life’.

While ‘The Pulse Of Life’ is the debut of Shovell & The Afra Gypsy, Shovell himself is certainly no stranger to House music. His House journey began in 1988 and has seen him featured on singles from labels such as Defected, Soulfuric, and Toolroom to name a select few. From growing up in Southeast London to living and working in Ibiza, and from humble beginnings to being a global touring musician, Shovell has well and truly earned his legendary status.

His introductory EP kicks off with ‘The Pulse Of Life’, an Acid House inspired deep cut cushioned by lush pads and murky synth stabs. Shovell’s spoken word vocals soar majestically over the track, adding to the song’s hypnotic vibe.

The second track ‘1LOVE’ lays the groove back a bit, focusing on a more live feel as the percussion takes a more prominent role, with bass guitar and electric piano assuming the harmonic lead. Once again Shovell’s powerful voice glides over the track, providing poignant poetics that invigorate and lift the spirit.