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Rucks – Find Someone

Budding young producer Rucks is a London based artist from Walthamstow, whose sound is characterized by placing a contemporary spin on a traditional house sound. Reflections of his home turf resonate throughout his output and clearly influence his sound.

The original mix of ‘Find Someone’ kicks things off, embracing New Jersey style shuffle on the rhythmic aspects, while ethereal pad lines and sporadic vocal licks brilliantly flutter around them. Rucks then adds a punchy square bass hook and bubbling arpeggios into the mix to generate a raw chuggy feel to the composition.

Following is a remix from Eric Kupper, notably known for his Directors Cut works and output via Hysteria in recent years. Kupper strips things back to a more reduced state, bringing bright stab sequences and rumbling sub bass to the forefront, while low-slung drums and gradually blossoming pads keep things evolving over the reshapes six-minute duration.

Then last up to close the package is a take on ‘Find Someone’ from City Soul Project aka Scott Harrington and Ryan Briggs, a duo who’ve recently release via I!, Z Records and their own City Soul Recordings. The pair offer up a gritty interpretation with distorted drums and a stabbing bass hook to create a rugged, hook-driven workout rounding things off on the release in style.