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Riolavel – Improvise At Noon

    Following on from his debut release on SoSure Music, Rioleval now delivers his ‘Improvise At Noon’.

    Kicking off his production career with the aptly named ‘The Beginning’, Rioleval takes further steps to solidify his position and ‘Improvise At Noon’ holds many of the same values as his debut; funk, soul and jazz influences fused together with an underlying house sensibility.

    Rioleval takes key inspirations from the 90’s club scene and it is clear to see that the classic house sound is engrained in his productions, keeping the faith with a genre he has explored and grown with throughout his career. ‘Improvise At Noon’ carries much of the same influences as his debut, with clear intent on providing groove driven house music, across both the title track and ‘Mini Drive. Available from Friday 26th February through SoSure Music.