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Hollis Parker – What You’ve Done

What You’ve Done’ is the lead single from Hollis Parker’s forthcoming album The Last Raw Era. Packed full of cinematic textures, plaintive vocals and dusty house grooves, the album is a musical love-letter to New York City that harks back to bygone days of US house music.

The Last Raw Era is themed around two distinct love stories: that evolving relationship between two fictional characters, and the entirely real emotion Hollis wears on his sleeve about New York, calling it “the foundation upon which I’m built”. A hazy melancholy informs much of the album’s tone, with obscure samples dusted off and given a new lease of life in songs that evoke the languid production of Moomin as much as the raw house cuts of the early US masters.

What You’ve Done’ is one of the stand-out cuts from the album: simultaneously heartbreaking and uplifting with a 4/4 structure that holds a myriad of samples, vocal snippets and atmospheric melodies in place. Also included is a remix of ‘Parker’s Lament’, a woozy house record that was previously only available on vinyl. Both are timeless gems with the power to transport you to another place.