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Frankie Knuckles pres. Director’s Cut ‎– The Whistle Song (Re-Directed)

Marking the fifth anniversary of Frankie Knuckles’ passing, SoSure Music present one of the most iconic, uplifting and instantly recognisable house records of all time, ’The Whistle Song’ – reworked and redirected by Frankie and Eric Kupper under their Director’s Cut guise – and released with the blessing of both Def Mix and The Frankie Knuckles Foundation.

The original release of ‘The Whistle Song’ in ’91 was a huge turning point for both Frankie and Eric, proving simplicity is often the key when there’s a true feeling committed to the grooves. More recently (from 2011), the Directors Cut project developed out of the duo’s desire to release new productions whilst also re-vamping classic cuts like ‘The Whistle Song’ to fit sonically with the modern dancefloor.

This particular version of ’The Whistle Song is a great example of the modern touch they put to a number of their best known releases. Frankie and Eric build the tension with sweeping strings and celestial sparks before a breakbeat gives fresh feeling to the intro. Weighty analogue bass tones and echoing synth touches make way for those blissful, uplifting flute solos and joyfully iconic whistles; that blend beautifully with dreamy pads and a shuffling garage house beat. Hold tight for an epic breakdown showcasing the beautiful flute flurries in all their glory. Delicate yet considered touches like this give the re-directed version a renewed life and focus for audiences both old and new.

Conjuring up just as easily the early Chicago dancefloors as they do balaeric sunsets, ‘The Whistle Song’ has, and always will be, a powerful and inspiring track that conveys the sense of community that house music was founded on. The flip side contains a more concise and condensed radio version that has just as much flavour as the full version but loaded into a smaller package.