Random incidents often spark the most interesting of partnerships. And a series of random occurrences is exactly what brought together the transatlantic duo known as Nineteen96.

After first meeting in 2011, Mark and Erik, better known as Nineteen96, began making music together the following year. Both having musical tastes that were very modern, yet firmly rooted in the old school, the pair found harmony very easily in the studio.

Their first release came in the form of a two-track EP on the esteemed Nocturnal Groove label entitled ‘Love Away’. The title track is punchy and groovy, with heavy-swung House drums underpinning a classic vocal. The B-side ‘Beautiful’ uses a classic organ bass to punctuate a breathy, emotive vocal provided by singer/songwriter Sandy Spady.

Following on from their debut, the pair went on to score several remixes and releases on some notable labels, including Strictly Rhythm, where they released ‘Tell Me’, a song championed by BBC 1Xtra’s DJ Target and Kiss FM’s DJ Pioneer. In 2018, Nineteen96 released their first compilation entitled ‘In//Focus: Vol. 1’ on SoSure Music, which featured a combination of previously released jams alongside some brand new remixes and singles.

No matter what the Nineteen96 boys release, you can bet it will be evocative, hip-shaking, and most importantly, authentic.