Hollis Parker

Hollis Parker  

One man, one MPC, several crates of records… no three concepts better outlay the modus operandi of London-based New Yorker Hollis Parker.

A producer and DJ with an affinity for old production hardware and getting his fingers dusty digging through stacks of wax, Hollis Parker made his debut in 2014 with ‘Sunshine’ as part of SoSure Music’s SSMWL White Label series. He quickly followed that up with the label’s official inaugural release, the vinyl-only three-track EP entitled ‘The Tunnel’.

His influences clearly based in Jazz, Fusion, Soul & Hip Hop, Parker fused all those elements into a House paradigm, which has continued to be his calling card in his releases since. The Akai MPC 3000 is his weapon of choice, and he has wielded it mightily throughout the course of his career. Using little more than this machine and a stack of vinyl records, Hollis has crafted a sound that is distinctly House, but also has incredibly strong roots in Hip Hop.

Parker’s debut full-length LP ‘The Last Raw Era’ was released in 2016 on a limited 2×12” vinyl format to rave reviews. The album tells a story of a relationship, paralleled by the story of two lovers and the story of one man’s love for New York City. As most love stories go, it’s filled with both desire and confusion, even boiling down to contempt at times. By the end, the protagonist realises that he can no longer continue… though he is in love, he must leave.

Since his debut LP, Hollis Parker has released several more EPs on SoSure Music, including ‘Have You’, which includes the highly lauded track ‘Got A Way’. Parker has made note many times that his albums are intended to be a trilogy, and we very much look forward to the sequels.